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Board Exams V/s Competitive Exams

Board Exam

Competitive Exam

In Board exams the focus is on Concepts. In Competitive exams the focus is on Application of Concepts.
Board exams follow subjective pattern. Competitive exams follow objective pattern.
Board exams are designed to filter below average students from average and good students Competitive exams are designed to filter excellent students from average ones.
Common question after Board result Common question after Competitive result
It is not important to score 80% or 90%, but what is important, how many students scored more than you.
In Board exam two students getting 88% or 87% marks are equally intelligent and successful. In Competitive exam Selection or Rejection is just one mark away.
For the better understanding we can use the analogy of VEHICLE DRIVING CAPABILITY
Board asks: What is accelerator, Clutch, Brake, Steering, Self-ignition & steps to use it in driving.

JEE Main / NEET asks: Ok drive forward, left, right, backward etc. & some times can ask the role of clutch and hydraulic braking systems.

JEE Advance asks: Let us take our vehicles, on the road, & driver through a stretch of ten kms., through traffic conditions, bad patches, & various turns. Those who reach first under reasonable time, know the driving well and the rest are rejected.


The success in Board and Competitive exams is dependent on one basic parameter


So now you understand that competitive exams are just an extension of boards and it is possible to prepare both Board and Competitive Exams simulteneously, If one approaches in systematically planned and organized matter.